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Towards Mt Washington
Boott Spur Jct
We could now see the objective -- Mount Monroe -- over to the west. Our course was quite straightforward from here. Cross the barren alpine tundra over to the Lakes of the Clouds area, then climb the very obvious trail that led up to Monroe's summit area.

We stopped for lunch a short ways along the Davis Path. From our vantage point, we could see a huge number of hikers going up the main trail from the top of Tuckerman Ravine to the top of Mount Washington. The drivers and passengers of the huge fleet of vehicles parked down at Pinkham Notch, no doubt.
courtesy JInnes
Surveying the terrain
Mega-busy trail
After lunch, it was time for the scenic walk along the high, barren plateau over to the Lakes of the Clouds area. We chose to take the Camel trail, a probably rarely-used connector trail that shortcuts directly from near Boott Spur (i.e. rather than having to follow farther along the Davis Path to the Apppalachian Trail, then take that).
Along the Davis Path
Asmir nearing junction
Asmir nearing junction
The Camel Trail did indeed seem rarely used: in places, it seemed completely non-existent, crossing large, uniform areas of shattered rock with no indication of tread. The only thing that kept us on the path was the occasional cairn.
Camel Trail Junction
Very faint trail
Hiking towards Monroe
Crags and Monroe
Eventually the rocky section ended, and a faint path crossed through low crags and little grassy hollows until we arrived at the deep, water-filled hollows of the Lakes of the Clouds area. We spent a little time exploring around, enjoying the somewhat scottish-highlands feel the place has: barren, rocky crags and cliffs, dotted here and there with patches of green grass and moss, and with the clear and cold deep blue of the lakes (calling them lakes is a bit much - really they are no more than small ponds) providing extra contrast and variety. Perched off to the side, at the edge of the high terrain, sat the Lake Tear of the Clouds Hut.
Mount Monroe
Alpine Oasis
Lakes of the Clouds
courtesy JInnes
Lakes of the Clouds Hut
Descending to the Lakes
Water and Sky
Asmir at Lakes of the Clouds
Lakes weather station
Heading to Monroe
We would visit the hut, but the first order of business was the summit of Mount Monroe. It was only a short climb away from the Lakes of the Clouds area; a very prominent and obvious path led up steeply towards the summit. In places it involved a few moves of easy scrambling. Above this, a short walk a led just a bit further to a nice obvious summit bump above the south-eastern face of the peak. On the south-eastern side, the entire summit area drops away sharply in a cliffy manner down to alpine lawns and meadows below, giving nice, airy views.
Mt Monroe Trailwork
Mount Monroe Scrambling
Monroe's eastern view
courtesy JInnes
Mt Monroe Summit
Summit, Mount Monroe
Completing the NH 48
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