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The trail down the eastern ridge of Avery peak is quite scenic and varied. There are quite a few lookout points, both high up and down low.
Continuing over
The landscape emerges
Window on the World
Flagstaff Lake Ahead
Winter here, fall below
Flagstaff Lake
Back up to Avery
Middle of Flagstaff Lake
Our destination
One of the most significant features of the eastern ridge down Avery Peak is the Old Man's Head. This is a large prow of rock with high cliffs. There is an excellent lookout that goes to the top of this formation, and then several lookouts on the way down that have views back up to it from below. And below that, the trail winds through a section of massive boulders (that have no doubt fallen from this formation over the years).
Not to be missed!
Arriving at lookout
Posing at Lookout
Little Bigelow
Old Man's Head
Back out of the snow
After completing the twisting and windy descent route off of Avery Peak, the AT reaches a junction with the Safford Brook Trail. The Safford Brook trail is our exit trail, and leads down to Flagstaff Lake and the Round Barn campsite.
More boulder gardens
Leaving the AT
Beautiful late fall day
The Safford Brook trail is easy and never that steep, and it was an easy and pleasant walk down. The brilliant sun and crisp fall air made it a very scenic walk, too, even though it was entirely in the trees. We arrived back at East Flagstaff road just around 11:30 am. Good time!
Moment of silence
Moment of silence
Mid-day looks like late-day
Easy walk now
East Flagstaff Road
But wait, there's more
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