Friday, April  3, 2020
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The slide on Nippletop
Lower end of Lower Ausable
Jenn takes in the view
The Wolfjaws
Elegant Basin
First and Third
Rounded Skylight
Allen, scourge of 46ers!
Jenn and high peaks.
Ah... Jenn's cookies
Nippletop slide, closer view
I expected the possibility of bad blowdown on the trail from Colvin to Blake. Happily, no such situation was encountered. There was minimal blowdown, and, not only that, the trail was well-packed. The ridgwalk from Colvin to Blake is actually quite nice, with views of the high peaks almost always visible through a thin bit of trees on your right. The steep bits on the trail are rendered wonderfully fun by the soft and glissadable snow. A pleasure!
Pleasant ridge hiking
Our Objectives
Blake's summit
Andrew meets ADKSteve and the clan
Down at the col between Colvin and Blake, we meet "ADKSteve", a regular member of the online local mountain forums, along with Sheldon and Kevin. They are on the same precise itinerary we are today; After a good long chat, we wish them well, and make our way up to the summit of Blake.

The way up Blake is very steep - but again the trail and snow conditions are perfect, and we are salivating for the chance to glissade back down the excellent trail. Blake is reached fairly quickly, with Ewart muttering a little about the no-view summit of this 46-er wannabe peak (Blake is actually not quite 4000 feet, but for historical reasons is still included as part of the Adirondack 46).
Little Haystack now distinct
Nearing the top of Blake
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