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Scenic Mount Colden
Nearing treeline
Colden and Marcy
A tough slog
Look - its Ponch!
Although cooler up here near 5000 feet, it was still very warm for an early Feburary day. Caroline decided to skip Boundary/Iroquois, and headed up to Algonquin to await us. Crampons were very useful on the hard, crusty and icy bits going up and down over Boundary and Iroquois. Iroquois' summit was magnificent, with superb views everywhere. Note all of the neat pictures I got to take!
Brian on Boundary Peak
Marcy's Winter Glory
Nearing the summit of Iroquois Peak
Jenn on Iroquois
Colden from Iroquois
The Sewards
Anorthosite Expanse
Iroquois and Algonquin
Erratics on Iroquois
Highest cliff in the east
Lichen covered summit rock
Iroquois, Colden, and Marcy
Nearing Boundary's summit
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