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The gang at Avalanche Lake
Rock n' Ice
A proper perspective
The Icy Depths
Winter's Artistry
A succession of buttons
The ghost of Avalanche Lake
Back in the sun
Jenn and Andrew at Avalanche Lake
Facial Hair
Jenn and Matilda
Andrew and Brian
Deadwood and Colden
The way up the backside of Algonquin was steep and extremely warm. I couldn't believe how spring-like it felt. It was definitely well above zero. The snow was firm enough, though, that crampons were all that we wore. We did not posthole at all. After a long and tiring and very steep 2000-foot ascent, we gained the main ridgeline.
Amphiteatre of Ice
Blister First-aid
Heading up to Algonquin
Very chic, Pu!
Icy Trap Dike
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