Tuesday, November  12, 2019
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Graham with Washbowl
Graham and Dix
Ewart atop a cliff
The trio awaits
A climbing shot
More open ground
Snow Rock n' Sky
More open ridgewalking
Aesthetic Cairns
Jenn and Lower Great Range
Rocky Peak
The way up went pretty quickly. We were trailing a couple that, as it turns out, had to break the trail a good chunk of the way. That is always tiring work, and when we caught up to them, we thanked them for their efforts. It was now my turn! The god smiled on us, however, 'cause 20 feet later the unbroken trail joined up with the very-broken-in main trail up from roaring brook! Ewart had slowed his pace a little, and insisted we go on ahead. So... Jenn, Graham and I climbed on up to the summit, hoping, of course, that Ewart would join us after a bit of rest.
courtesy GAshford
courtesy GAshford
courtesy GAshford
Frosted Sky-Arch 1
Frosted Sky-Arch 2
Frosted Sky-Arch 3
courtesy GAshford
A frame of icy brances
Upper Summit
Lower Wolfjaw
courtesy GAshford
Tunnel to a sunny view
Upper lookout
Bouldering Potential
courtesy GAshford
Upper ridges
Steeep section
Almost there!!
By one pm we were nearing the top. At the junction with the trail to Rocky Peak, the broken-in trail mysteriously stopped. Here? only minutes away from Giant's summit? Seemed like a strange place to turn around. Perhaps the weather was bad or they were really really bonked. Too bad. In any case, now it really was time for a bit of real trail-breaking. It was kinda tough, after following all that cushy packed trail!

Ten minutes later, we were on the top. The clouds had closed in a fair bit, and the wind had picked up a little, but still, we couldn't complain: we'd had our share of excellent views. We retreated a little to get out of the wind and had a well-deserved lunch.
Unbroken Trail
Giant's summit - untouched
Top of the headwall
Admiring the view
Man against Nature
The sun's disk
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