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This page documents a Whiteface/Esther combo hike that Jenn and I did on August 6, 2005. Jenn wanted to do these two peaks as part of her 46er quest; I'd never hiked from the lower Wilmington trailhead, nor had I ever done both Whiteface and Esther in a day. And, the weather was beautiful and warm, a situation I'd also not encountered on a previous ascent of Whiteface.

We stayed the night before at the Wilmington Notch Campground, a nice state-run facility very close to the Whiteface ski hill. There is a nice waterfall down below the campground that is worth visiting.

Wilmington Notch Campground
Jenn and Ausable River Falls
Lower Trailhead, Whiteface
We started off our hike not long after 7am, and encountered very few people on our ascent that day. The lower trail, being the longer option, has little traffic and therefore good trail conditions. Higher up, the usual Adirondacks rockiness rears its head once in a while, along with some tiring stretches of muddy trail in the long flat sections at around 4,000 feet.
Pleasant, lightly-used trail
Marble Mountain Lookout
Jenn at Marble Mountain Lookout
Heading West up the ridge
Old ski ruin
This was the first time at Esther's summit in the summer for me, and so it was the first time that I actually got to see the summit marker. Very nice.
With Whiteface as a backdrop
Esther summit plaque
Whiteface from Esther
Jenn and Esther summit
Whiteface from Esther
End of the Road
Whiteface's Summit
Deadwood and Whiteface
Toad #1
Andrew nearing highway
Wall of Stone
Like a fortification
Jenn reaches the highway
Now leaving the highway
Esther Mountain
Catamount Mountain
Blocky Ridge and summit
Jenn on open ridge
Heading up north ridge
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