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An image collage of a hike we did with Pu and a bunch of his friends. He was introducing many of them to mountain hiking, and chose Ampersand mountain as in intro (an excellent choice, BTW). We had a nice, cool, partly-to-mostly sunny day. Perfect!
On the way
Milling around at trailhead
Ampersand Trailhead
Biggest Group Ever!
Signing in at trailhead
Jenn's new boots
A bug's view
Log bridge over brook
Idyllic trail
The weather was mostly cloudy (with a few bright breaks) on the way up. On the plus side, it was not too humid and it was a pleasantly cool temperature; good for hiking. The trail leads gently through beautiful, mostly deciduous woodland. Of the 4 and-a-half kilometre total distance, it is only the last 1 to 1.5 km that are really steep. The pace was surprisingly fast considering the size of the group. Most very large groups end up being very, very slow.
The flow of hikers
Foot surgery
Rest Break
Stone Steps
Continuing on up
Scaling some cool rock
This way!
Ewart awaits
Out of the trees
First views
Andrew and Jaana
Jaana and Kelly above the trees
Rocky view to the north
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