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Alpine summit and distant peaks
Anorthosite closeup
No, Meghan, please don't do it!
Best buddies
Friendly summit chat
Relaxation with a view
Oops... caught
Near and far
Scrambling back down...
The trio near the end
The way down goes even more quickly than the way up. All is going well until, almost down at the trailhead, we notice that Meghan's fleece is not in the pack! I offer to run back up and try and find it, not knowing how far up it is. Turns out, it is more than halfway back up the mountain! Certainly added a good final kick to the day's workout. Meghan, however, is very pleased that her fleece and expensive sunglasses have been retrieved.

Anyway, good job Meghan! You did great and I hope you come on many more hikes - you were very fast for someone on their first hike. Hope Graeme can come along too - we need you on the trail!
Fleece retrieved
Thankyou thankyou
The fourth hiker
Interactive Trackmap - Cascade Mountain (incomplete) - click map to view
Note: the trackmap associated with this outing is incomplete - my GPS gave out about 15 minutes before completing the hike, so you'll notice it's not a complete up-and-back track.
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