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Algonquin Peak
Getting more snowy!
Meadow before summit
Jenn breaking out into open
Bare Rock
We quickly emerge onto the scenic summit block of Cascade. There is a slight breeze up here, but the air is fairly cool, so its time again for the fleeces.
Bad Mountain!
Ahh... the relaxing boot
Open summit vistas on Cascade
Meghan rests near Cascade Summit
Andrew and Meghan getting closer...
And they're off
Alpine vegetation
The boots make it!
After only about 90 minutes of hiking, we motor on to the summit. Meghan is a hiking machine! The day is beautiful, we have the summit to ourselves, and the view is beautiful. Good job, Meghan! We have a tasty lunch... (hmm, no. it is only 8:45am - I guess we'll generously call it brunch) on the summit, consisting of some whole-wheat bagel sandwiches and Jenn's yummy white chocolate-chunk and skor bits cookies.
Jenn, too
Congratulatory hug
Jenn scanning the horizon
Boots atop Cascade
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