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Meghan decided that she wanted to start coming on some Adirondack hikes with us... and this weekend turned out to be a good time for her. Graeme was also thinking of coming, but thought better of it at the last minute and decided to pass. The day, as it turned out, was wonderful - clear but rather cool. We got going early and made good time to the Adirondacks, arriving at the trailhead around 7:00am. Meghan was excited to get started!
Celebratory Start
The boot on bare trail
Boot on a boulder
In order to theme this hike, it was decided to follow the adventures of Meghan's hiking boot. You'll notice many pictures documenting the boot's progress.
Hoo-eee... iss hot!
Ensuring hike comfort
Hmm.. very interesting bark, yes...
The boot returns
Good trail work
The boot encounters the cold stuff
Cuties in the sun
Turns out that Meghan is a smokin' hiker (as in fast, not as in cigarettes). We flew up at a very fast clip. At this rate, we'd cover the 4km up in no time! Meghan found the chill air a bit painful for her ears, so we stopped and god some of Jenn's medical kit gauze to serve as ear-canal warmers.
Standing smartly
Meghan mostly up
Getting to the first lookout
At around 3500 feet or so, we started encountering some ice and hard packed snow. Even though it was May, there was still some of the cold stuff up here! Being early in the morning, it was still hard and slippery. Care needed in spots!
Cascade's First Lookout
Jenn, Meghan and High Peaks
Jenn, Meghan and MArcy
Andrew and Meghan
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