Friday, October  23, 2020
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This hike could be described as the first of the true 'Kilimanjaro training hikes'. For the first time, all six of us who are going to Kilimanjaro in January are hiking together. We've vowed to try and get out and hike mountains as much as we can between now and our departure date of December 30. Weather permitting, of course. Well, finally, after many weeks of weather not-permitting, comes a glorious clear weekend. We decide to hit some mountains and trails we've not done before, and so we head to the White Mountains of NH. The plan is to tackle a few peaks of the Carter range just east of the main Presidential range (which includes Mount Washington). On the hike are myself, Pu, Peter, Caroline, Yi, and Markus (the six 'kili' climbers), and Jenn, who is along to gain more of her hiking legs. We have two cars, and so we plan to start in Gorham on the Carter-Moriah trail, hike up and over Mount Moriah, and then hopefully up and over North and Middle Carter Mountains, and down the Imp trail.
courtesy Markus
Start of the Carter-Moriah Trail
Just after the start
Pu, Yi, and Markus
Beautiful Gray Scenery
Cleaning up is always good
Another early morning rest stop.
courtesy Markus
Gorham from above
We stay at the Barnes field campground (next to Dolly Copp, and open all winter) after driving down from Ottawa Friday evening. We are up early the next morning and busy shuttling the vehicles back and forth such that we have one at the Gorham trailhead, and one at the imp trailhead. The day is not exactly clear but holds promise; it is a crisp mid-november day.
courtesy Markus
Mount Madison and Adams
Steep and slabby
Jenn happily climbs
courtesy Markus
Jenn climbing the slabs
Streaks in the sky
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