Monday, January  27, 2020
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The Beaver Brook Shelter is the best shelter of its kind I've seen to date. Very solidly built, excellent floor, lots of little features, and a fantastic view to boot.
The Beaver Brook Shelter
Lots of instructions
First-class view
Amusing Graffiti
Amusing Outhouse
Memorial Birdhouse
Plodding towards the summit
Jobildunk Ravine
Jobildunk Ice Cliffs
Pu nearing treeline
Abrupt treeline
Wonderful alpine hiking
As we crossed into the alpine zone, we heard a large helicopter approach... and approach... and approach... I ran up ahead over a rise to see if perhaps there was a rescue in progress.... and a lone Army Blackhawk helicopter glides into view only a few 10s of feet off the ground! No idea why they were here - there wasn't anybody up here but us. Training exercise, perhaps? They hovered next to us for a long time (as you can see from my pictures) and then slowly flew off to the southwest. Interesting.
Surprise Visitor
UH-60Q Blackhawk
Hovering around
Losing interest
Trekking to the summit
Summit ruins
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