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Haystack Mountain
The Macintyres
The Sewards
Markus admist Adirondack Scenery
Markus on trail leading down from Marcy.
For the first time in 10 years, I get to see Indian falls in the daylight and with no clouds, and the view of Algonquin from it really is quite spectacular! We then locate the herdpath going up Tabletop (which is just below Indian Falls where the hiking and ski trails meet), and start up. At the start of the Tabletop route, we meet a hiker who immediately recognizes Markus and I from our Adirondack web pages - very strange being so recognized by a complete stranger! After a chat, we shake hands with Jeff (from Albany), and we are off. The route up Tabletop is short (< 1km) and steep, and we are up and down it in just over an hour total.
courtesy Markus
Indian Falls viewpoint
Andrew on Tabletop summit
Markus on Tabletop
Haystack from Tabletop
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