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This was a re-attempt on Cliff. (The first one, in January, saw Ewart and I fail in finding a way to the top). Also of special note is that this hike was taking place on the first leap year in eight years! And, our leap day turned out to be very unseasonably warm. The day high approached 10 degrees C!. Warm, hazy and sunny, it sure didn't feel like a February day. We decided to try things out from the trailhead at Upper Works, which cuts off a few kilometres compared to the ADK Loj approach.
courtesy markus
What? too warm?
Solitary Sentinel
Snowy Suspension Bridge
Goofy boundary shot
Flowed Lands
Cliff Mountain
Flowed Lands was nicely covered with snow and ice, allowing easy passage. We noticed a heavily trodden set of tracks going straight towards Cliff, so on the off chance that it was a well-established path going up the flowed lands side of Cliff, we followed them. Sure enough, it was a much shorter and excellent way of getting to the top, with lots of good views to boot!
The namesake cliff
Herdpath viewpoint
Mount Marshall
Iroquois Peak
Excellent Herdpath
Mount Colden
courtesy markus
Andrew on herdpath
Marcy from Cliff
Mount Redfield
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