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The objective for this outing was Cliff Mountain, a member of the Adirondack 46 that I had yet to climb. Cliff was probably overlooked by me until this point because it is a relatively nondescript peak in the middle of an area with much more interesting mountains. Cliff mountain is, technically speaking, not over 4000 feet. However, when the 46er list was drawn up a hundred years ago, it was thought to be over 4000. And so it has remained in the list to this day.

This was also an outing where I would get to try out a bit of cross-country skiing in the Adirondacks. We selected a route with gentle terrain, starting at the South Meadows trailhead.
Ewart on the route...
Sunny Morning at Marcy Dam
Skiis at the Dam
End of the ski portion
We ditched our skiis at the Avalanche Junction Lean-to, and from there proceeded on snowshoes.
Avalanche Pass Slide
Land of the Hobbits, Winter
A frozen spring
Massive Dirty Ice
Avalanche Mountain
Avalanche Pass Sunrise
Ice and Stone
We encountered saw a couple of groups making winter climbs of the Trap Dike. Certainly was a good day for it. The weather was as perfect as you could ask of a Winter Day - clear, calm, and not too cold and not too warm.
Winter in the Trap Dike
Trap Dike climbers
Interior Output Shed
Ewart on Lake Colden
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