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On this page are supplemental images from our Montreal Grand Prix weekend that didn't make it into the main narrative. If you came here from somewhere else and you're looking for that narrative, click here.
Watching the Masters
Stands 11 and 12
Ferrari Challenge 458
Starting to fill in
Super Green Caterham
Sutil's Sauber
Raikkonen's Ferrari
Vettel's Red Bull
Caterham and Lotus
Romain's Lotus
Bottas' Williams
Kimi's Ferrari
Kimi's Ferrari
Kimi's Ferrari
Nico Rosberg's Mercedes
Nick Wittmer's Accord
Civic-dominated mid pack
B-Spec racing
Ready for Qualifying
Out on the track
Sebastian Vettel
Alonso Qualifying
Too hot of a lap
Lotus and Red Bull
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