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A Rosberg Fan
Lotus Fan
Vettel Fan
Adrienne's Sunscreen Helper
Hey hey hey
Rounding out the Sunday morning events was the 2nd Ferrari Challenge race. This proved to be another close and eventful competition, with a fixed-up Damon Ockey of Ontario once again challenging for the lead. Ultimately, though, the winner from the first race - Ricardo Perez of Houston - managed to win again, with Ockey coming in third.
Ferrari Challenge, 2nd Race
Italian Shoemakers
Fixed up Ockey
Ricardo Perez
There was one bad crash during this race, one that completely wrecked the #32 Ferrari of Ugo Colombo. He was ok, but somehow I don't think his car will be seeing a racetrack (or any road, for that matter) again. $300,000+ dollars down the tubes!
#32 in Big Crash
Making sure there's no fire
A sad sight
Hot, hot
Your leaders
After the excitement of the Ferrari Challenge race, it was time for lunch. Remembering the crowded spot from yesterday, we elected to walk farther away from the stands, back to a spot well away from the track that was much less crowded, where we enjoyed a relaxing, shady and quiet lunch.

I left Luke and Adrienne in the shade to hurry back to the stands area to get shots of the Formula One drivers' parade. This event is one of the few chances to get a close-up live view of the F-1 drivers: during qualifying and race sessions in their cars, all you really see is the top of their helmets. I managed to get good pictures of most of the drivers, with the exception of Fernando Alonso of Ferrari (he had gone past before I managed to get in position for my pictures).
Race-ready crowd
F1 drivers' parade
Jean-Eric Vergne
Esteban Gutierrez
Mobbing the Mercedes Guys
Lewis Hamilton
Kevin Magnussen
Jenson Button
Felipe Massa
Sebastian Vettel
Alsono via video
Heading back to the stands
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