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At 10 a.m. sharp, they started to emerge: brilliantly-colored and immaculately detailed open-wheeled Formula One race cars. Unlike past years, we witnessed them drive by without the protection of ear-plugs; new rules for the 2014 season had drastically altered the nature of the sound F-1 cars make. The insanely-loud high-pitched scream of past years was replaced with a low-frequency, lower-volume throaty rasp. Much easier on the ears, but perhaps a bit less exciting-sounding.
Practicing Ferrari
Red Bull Racing
The increasing throng
Airborne coverage
Hamilton at Practice
Although I had not been following F-1 closely in general over the last few years, I had made an effort to come up to speed in the months before the Canadian Grand Prix. I know knew about the radical new rule changes, including all of the complicated and fancy hybrid and energy-recovery systems. I also knew about how the Mercedes team had managed to execute ahead of everyone else, and were now dominating the field, sitting at 1-2 in the constructors' and drivers' point standings.
Lotus at Practice
White Williams
Canon, Canon, and Williams
Although it was very nice to see the cars of the weekend's pinnacle series out and about, it was still only a practice session. So, there was nothing super exciting to watch. I spent my time experimenting with both different photographic vantage points on and near the stands, as well as fiddling about with the 100-400mm lens I had purpose-rented for the weekend.
Bull behind a fence
View from stand 11
Our spot in the stands
Across the Start Line
Kobayashi's Caterham
A new practice lap for Kimi
Kimi's Ferrari
Button's McLaren
Raikkonen's Ferrari
View from the berm
Nico Rosberg's Mercedes
The Italian Red Bull
Full pit back
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