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Piazza Gaetano Perugini
My Grandfather was a fairly well-known and respected Physician. A small piazza (town square) in Avellino is named after him. [enlarge]
Historic Family Residence
This building used to house my Mom's family when she was young. It was damaged heavily during WW-II bombardment, and, as can be seen in the image, it has been very well restored. [enlarge]
Giraffe Cafe
The Giraffe Cafe is one of the local restaurants that my mother enjoys. Another popular family spot is called 'il barone'. [enlarge]
A church
which is notable for a reason my mother told but which at this time I cannot remember. [enlarge]
Avellino Cemetary
My mom took us to where the family mausoleum is located. Very different cemetery to what I am used to - everything is above ground, and many of the pavilions are very fancy. [enlarge]
Perugini Mausoleum
The family mausoleum. This is where my Grandfather (Gaetano Perugini), Grandmother (Elvira Perugini) and Uncle (Alphonso Perugini) are buried. [enlarge]
Perugini Mausoleum
A closeup of the name and artwork on the facade. [enlarge]
Perugini Mausoleum
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