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Aunt Amelia's Residence
Another shot (this time downstairs) of my Aunt Amelia's house. [enlarge]
Aunt Amelia
This is a picture of myself, along with my Aunt Amelia (in the middle) and my mother on the right. [enlarge]
Aunt Giulia
This is a shot of my Aunt Giulia speaking about something that my Mother finds humourous. [enlarge]
Aunt Sisina
This is a shot of my Aunt Sisina. [enlarge]
This is a shot of my mother with my Aunt Rosetta (on the right). The expression on my Mother's face is a typical one indicating that she is not pleased about something-or-other. [enlarge]
Serious conversation
My mom has a look of 'you don't say...' [enlarge]
Uncle Peppino
This is a shot of the hard-to-photograph uncle Peppino, who is returning to work after his afternoon break. [enlarge]
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