Monday, October  21, 2019
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On September 18, 2010, Luke's sturdy little backyard "cabana" met its end. And sturdy it was, proving very resistant to a tear-down. Especially the base, which seems to have been composed of 5 layers of redundant sub-flooring. The still images you see below were created from a much longer sequence of time-lapse photos that I took with my camera. I've used images from throughout the day, but in particular I've single out a few of the key moments.

At the bottom, you'll find a short time-lapse video of the whole thing. Captured for posterity, Luke!
Starting off
Gutting the Roof
Gutting the Roof
Now topless
Walls a-comin' down
Tough guys
Front Wall
Tree is in the way
Down with a poof
Prepping the back wall
Back wall down
Clearing debris
Ready for the floor
Resistant Floor
Calling it a day
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