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Towards the dining room
Smoker on top
Content Cat
A Cat Chat
The next day's challenge was a super-snow storm that happened to wallop southern Ontario just on the day we were to drive back to Ottawa. Despite some misgivings from Stan and Pat, we felt pretty good about tackling the storm with 4 good snow tires, 4-wheel drive, and some chains in reserve. It took us about 3.5 hours of careful driving to get us back to Gananoque (to fetch Jenn's car and the remainder of her school stuff). Upon arriving, we observed that the person contracted to plow Stan and Pat's driveway had [still] not shown up. We had to partially dig out the third-of-a-kilometre driveway in order to allow Jenn's car to get out. Tiring.
It's a biggie!
Pristine and un-plowed
A bit of clearing
Continuing on, the drive from Gananoque to Ottawa was slow but steady, taking us about another 2.5 hours. We arrived back home at around 7pm to one of the biggest dumps of snow I've ever seen in Ottawa. Two hours later, we finally finished shovelling the 37.5 cm layer of snow from the driveway.

Quite an adventurous weekend!
37.5 centimetres of white stuff
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