The Fundy Footpath
The Video Page
Welcome to the video page. Here you'll get to watch over our shoulders as we experience the footpath and all of its ups and downs.

There are three different videos on this page. The first is a 42-second teaser to give you a quick sense of the scenery. The second is the 45-minute long main report, and is the one you will most likely be interested in watching, if you want a detailed accounting of our journey in video form. The third video is a 1 hour and 22-minute extended edition of the main trip report. This one documents our pre-trip activites, extended cuts of our time at the various camps, and in general, a lot of extra talking and banter. Unless you are really feeling in the mood for the full-on "home movies" experience, this one is probably not for you.
2022 Fundy Footpath Backpack - Teaser
2022 Fundy Footpath Backpack - Main Video
2022 Fundy Footpath Backpack - Main Video (Extended Edition)
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