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Caroline Inspects
Caroline inspects our Cessna 172 at Rockliffe Airport. [enlarge]
Fuel Check
Always Important! [enlarge]
Ready in back
Nancie and Markus await takeoff [enlarge]
Airborne over Ottawa River
We head east over the Ottawa River towards Lake Harrington [enlarge]
Beautiful Fall Day
Sun-dappled late autumn terrain. The Ottawa River can be seen in the distance. [enlarge]
The view below
Markus at altitude
Farmstead from the air
Rolling Canadian Sheild
A view north into the hilly terrain north of the Ottawa River. [enlarge]
Kerry and Jeff's Cottage
I hesitate to call this a 'cottage'. It's huge! [enlarge]
Jeff and Kerry's Cottage
Tucked away in the trees on the shore of Lake Harrington. [enlarge]
Lake Harrington from above
Lake Harrington and Kerry and Jeff's cottage. [enlarge]
Quebec Interchange
An Autorote interchange near Mirabel Airport. [enlarge]
Touch n' go at Mirabel
Mirabel... Air Transat's Home?
Mostly Air Transat aircraft at Mirabel these days. Several L-1011 Tristars and one Airbus A310 visible. [enlarge]
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