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Driving through the Escalante
Continuing east through Utah, we drive through the scenic Escalante area and finally end up at Capitol Reef National Park, another amazing desert wonderland, where colorful cliffs and a quaint little green oasis harbours our campground for the night. The oasis is an old Mormon settlement known as Fruita, complete with a fully functional Orchard stocked with many fruit trees. Campers are free to eat as much fruit as they want!!
Arriving at Capitol Reef NP
Capitol Reef's layers
The Fruita Oasis
Our campground
The Castle
Factory Butte
More eastern driving through scenic desert leads us to the Moab area and Arches and Canyonlands National Park. We're pretty much in go-home mode now, and we make a short cursory tour of parts of each park, and continue east.
Cruising Eastwards
Heading to Canyonlands
Canyonlands overlook
Balanced Rock
The White Rim
Eastern into Colorado
Rocky Mountain NP
Trail Ridge Road
Our final scenic stop before the long push to Ottawa is Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado, where we drive the highest paved through road in North America, known as 'Trail Ridge Road'. It is very scenic but very busy; we don't get much time to see much here.
After Rocky Mountain National Park, we're out of the mountains and out of the scenery, and we make long, non-stop drives to get us back to Ottawa. We've seen so much amazing scenery, and not had nearly enough time to explore it. This trip served as a quick glimpse of the many amazing places that exist in the western US. Oh, and the roads.... they're fantastic!
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