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Owens Valley
Waiting on 395
We cross the Yosemite High country eastward and head down the deep and dry Owens valley towards Death Valley. We'ere entering true desert country at this point, and when we get to Badwater in Death Valley, at the lowest point in the Western Hemisphere, the temperature has risen very very high, and is approaching 50 degrees Celcius. Luke is having a hard time in his non air-conditioned black CRX!
Sea level with no sea
Luke's sea of sand
Desert Camo
Artist's Palette
The Lowest Point
Cars below the sea
Cooling off at Badwater
No A/C and 50 degrees
Continuing our whirlwind tour, we now turn east, heading across Nevada towards Southern Utah and its wonderful "color-parks". Our first stop is Zion National Park, where Luke gets introduced, for the first time, to the short but exciting and airy climb of Angel's Landing.
Open and fast
Welcome to Utah
Approaching Zion
Zion National Park
Hiking to the landing
Zion Canyon
Steep and exposed
Twisty UT-9
Arriving at Bryce
A couple of hours further east and we reach Bryce Canyon National Park. We don't do a hike here, and instead quickly survey the park's amazing hoodoos (pinnacle-like structures) from several of the park's excellent rim lookouts.
Sea of Hoodoos
Hiking at Bryce
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