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Logan Pass
Having failed to summit the last two peaks we tried to ascend, we decided to go for a sure thing, and climb a relatively easy peak near the summit of the Going-to-the-sun-road, at Logan Pass. The peak, called Mount Oberlin, is quite easy to access from the pass. A short hike, a short, easy scramble, and we were on top, less than an hour after leaving the parking lot.

The summit of Oberlin, although easy to get to, has primo views of the surrounding peaks. In the late-day light, we soaked in the views, read and signed the summit register, and in general lounged around. Glacier was a park to which I was definitely going to have to return!
Going-to-the-sun highway
Luke reads register
Luke on Oberlin
Leaving Glacier, we head southwest, driving through and over lots of interesting terrain and scenery. The roads are beautiful and a delight to drive, ranging from open spacious highways to tight, technical twisties. Eventually we cross into northern California and make our way to the Pacific coast. Can't have a cross-continent road trip without dipping one's toes into the ocean at the other end!
West through Oregon
Oregon wheat fields
Perfect backroads
Fun in the sun
Recent Lava Flow
The Three Sisters
Middle Sister
Entering California
Hard cornerin'
Heading for the coast
Lonely coastal road
Shootin a few pebbles'
From the coast, we make our way south, passing through San Francisco (and staying for the one and only night of our entire trip at a very noisy KOA), and making our way to a gem of a park : Yosemite. We arrive on a superbly beautiful day and take in the sights, from Yosemite valley and El Capitan to Glacier point and its amazing view of Half-Dome.
Yosemite Valley
Glacier Point View
Half Dome
Yosemite Splendor
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