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Way back in '97, Andree, myself, Markus, Luc, and Luc's friend Pat went on a three-week trip to the state of California. The objective was an outdoorsy-focused sampling of what California had to offer. And, it offered a lot - we explored coastal areas, deserts, high points and low points. There is an incredible amount of diversity in this one state, and three weeks wasn't enough time to do it justice. Still, the pictures do whet the appetite!
Crooked Street
Attractive San Fran Neighbourhood
Lombard Street
Golden Gate
Point Reyes Lighthouse
Pinnacles National Monument
Boulder along trail
Boulder along trail
Pinnacles Backcountry
High Peaks Trail
Climbing at Pinnacles
Climbing at Pinnacles
Do not feed the squirrels
Big Sur Coastline
Rockslide cleanup
Joshua Tree National Park
Park's Namesake
Coyote at Joshua Tree
Bouldering at Joshua Tree
Luc Bouldering at Joshua Tree
Pat Bouldering at Joshua Tree
Joshua Tree Thunderstorm
Our campsite
Old Mining Relics
Mount Charleston, NV
Down to below Sea Level
Dante's View
Luc on Salt Flats
Devil's Golf Course
Pat goes bald
Pat goes blad
Needles, CA
Luc examines the rock
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