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So, back at our campsite by 4pm. More than five hours until sunset. The grey overcast had given way to a brighter skies, and it was starting to feel warmish (it had been a somewhat cool day overall to this point). We engaged in a generous amount of lolling about, feeling the warm sand, watching ducks swim by, skipping a few stones on the calm waters of the lake.
Gargantua Island
Afternoon at camp
Local Residents
After dinner, we engaged in a little bit of festivity: It was Gillian's birthday today, and husband Chris had semi-secretly prepared a birthday-cake suprise. A couple of fast-food style McCain's Deep-n-delicious cakes, which served as a great stand-in for a more fragile, expensive traditional birthday cake.
courtesy JInnes
Gargantua Dinner
Preparing Festivities
Fumbling with Matches
courtesy JInnes
Preserve the Flame!
Delicious choices
Good to the last scrape
Even with dinner and birthday celebrations out of the way, it was still quite light and we weren't feeling like bed yet. Jenn and Pu got a little beach fire going, and we sat around enjoying being in the outdoors, enjoying the calm air and the relative lack of bugs, waiting and watching as the day's light finally began to fade. A solid overcast had begun to re-coalesce over our bay, but off to the northwest there was a strip of clear sky. As the sun sank into this strip, it began to illuminate us in a brief but beautiful bit of pre-sunset light. Then, as it sank to the horizon, it began to shine upwards on the bottom of the forming overcast, creating some amazingly beautiful pink, orange, and red reflections. The colors became increasingly saturated as the sun set, and then gradually faded into the deepest blues of night. Impressive.

All in all, it had been a pretty enjoyble (if not a little lazy) first day in Lake Superior Provincial Park. Tomorrow, though, the tough stuff would begin!
courtesy JInnes
courtesy JInnes
Post Dinner Soiree
Evening campfire
Andrew, Gargantua Bay
Lakefront Campsite
Gargantua Bay Sunset
The Wistful Brother
Enjoying Life
The Fires of Twilight
Twilight over the Harbour
The Tower-maker
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