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We settled into the hut for the afternoon. Much too early for dinner, we inspected the hut's interpretive signs and books, played card games, gazed outside at the stormy weather. I mentally kicked myself for not bringing my Agricola board game.
courtesy JInnes
Chilling at the Flats
Afternoon at the RFH
Coal-fired Stove
Pensive Pu
Combative Cards
Stormy Day
RFH Kitchen
Passing the time
"Freezing" Rain
It rained hard all afternoon, and there was even a clap of thunder or two. The level of the Routeburn River in front of the hut rose as time passed. By 6 p.m., it had started to overflow its banks and flood the surrounding flats. I was glad we hadn't continued hiking today.
Photo Management
Stormy Humboldt Range
Rising Water Levels
We got to bed fairly early after dinner. For those of us doing the hike up to the saddle the next day, an early morning rise time was required.
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