Welcome to Vancouver Island '15: The tip-to-tip trip. Come Experience our traipsing across Vancouver Island, end-to-end, side-to-side, and back-and-forth. Including for your viewing and reading pleasure are mountainous backpacks, island-threading sea kayaking, fun scrambling, sun-swept coastlines, rain-pelted coastlines, canoeing, campfires, hugging (lots of hugging), flipping, and many other 'ings.

The four main parts of our trip to Vancouver Island are layed out below. Read them in sequence, or... as you see fit.
As part of our trip to the Pacific Northwest, we also did (well, attempted) a Cascade Volcano Climb a few days before our visit to Vancouver Island. Since it occurred during the same overall trip, you might be interesting in reading about it here.

Our climb of Marble Peak (in Strathcona Provincial Park) involved a bit of semi-technical scrambling, and I thought a separate little report describing it in a more guide-like fashion would be useful: Scrambling up Marble Peak via the west ridge.
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