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#1 Posted by Elvira on
Fri Jan 15, 14:10 EST 2016


I really enjoyed this trip report (I know I say that every time), but you make them so enjoyable to read,  and the data on Germany's history is very interesting and a good reminder of what can happen.  

Congratulations to the newly weds!


#2 Posted by Celeste on
Wed Jul 18, 10:25 EDT 2018


I'm Celeste Rojas, a visual artist from Chile/Argentina working on a new art project in Sut Tirol Italia. I saw the pictures of the bunkers or  the Alpenwall made during fascism  that you uploaded here in the website and I was wandering if there is possible to have the permission to use of some of them  for my non profit art project. 

mi email is and my website: 

Hope to have an answer 

King regards 


#3 re: (in reply-to message #2) Posted by Andrew on
Wed Jul 18, 22:22 EDT 2018

 Hello, Celeste.

 I responded to you via direct e-mail.  Thanks. 



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