The end of the fiscal year for both the United States government and the company I work for are aligned. What did this seemingly trivial fact have to do with our 2013 visit to the wilds of Southern Utah? as it turned out, a fair bit!

Obscure portentous warnings aside, this year's "Utah desert trip" - as we've come to call it - was filled with interesting and scenic adventures - some encountered deep within the earth, and some on the edges of airy precipices.

So, dive right in! Click here to start reading the trip report and viewing the pictures (or use the table of contents to your right). If you are interested in a much shorter overview, you can read the "Short Report".

Table of Contents / Index

Vacation Burnup 2013

Saturday, Sep 28
Zion Setup Day
The Watchman Trail

Sunday, Sep 29
Lady Mountain

Monday, Sep 30
Hidden and Echo Canyons

Tuesday, Oct 1
Red Canyon
Phipps Arch Loop

Wednesday, Oct 2
Egypt 3

Thursday, Oct 4
Kodachrome Basin

Friday, Oct 5
Middle Boulder Creek
Family reunion, Devil's Garden

Saturday, Oct 6
Escalante River backpack, Day 1

Sunday, Oct 7
Escalante River backpack, Day 2

Monday, Oct 8
Old Escalante Rd and Cedar Breaks
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Special / Extra Features
GPS Data
The "Short Report"

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