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The exit of the dike is reached at about the 3700-foot level. Attempting to exit out earlier than that will involve some very steep and scary face climbing on the lower slides. (The exit, when reached, is out to the right, as viewed when facing up the dike). Upon exiting the dike, you should find yourself on steep open slabs. Climb straight up towards the summit.

For those with GPS units, the waypoint labelled 'EXIT' in the GPS tracklog accompanying this report marks exactly where the exit point is.
courtesy Markus
Exit from the dike
Algonquin and Wright
46. Initial Slabs
Cooling off
Hello Ewart
Markus on the slide
51. Slide climbing
Looking up towards summit
Wright Peak
From here on, it is steep face climbing all the way to the summit. A large boulder perched on the summit ridge can be seen while climbing. The views in all directions are excellent, with a wide panorama encompassing the deeps of Avalanche Pass and the High Peaks of the MacIntyre Range.
53. Upper part of slide
Algonquin Peak
Andree and Luc on Summit
Prepping for the cookie shot
Prepping again
Dare on Colden
The summit calls for some relaxation, lunch, and, of course, the traditional Dare Cinnamon Danish cookies. Don't know what we'll do if they ever discontinue these cookies! A Summit Custodian reminded us of the importance of staying off the fragile Alpine vegetation (Picture 62).
Cinnamon Danish Cookies and Algonquin
Marshall and western peaks
Markus and Marcy
Summit wildflowers and Algonquin
Colden, southwest ridge
Markus capturing the adirondacks on silicon
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