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Crowfoot Glacier
We stayed an extra day after the ride, and were hoping to do some hiking. However, the weather made a sharp turn for the worse, with lots of rain and low clouds. So we decided to drive up the Icefields parkway for a ride and in case the weather was better further north. Here we stop and take a picture of the lower part of the crowfoot glacier. [enlarge]
Bow Lake
Here is a shot of Bow lake (with Crowfoot Mountain on the left). Still looks pretty wintry even at the end of May. [enlarge]
Bow Lake, September
This is a shot taken at the exact same spot in September of 2001. Very different, no? [enlarge]
Greedy Birds
It is obvious that the rules to not feed wildlife are not entirely followed here. This bird is looking for some grub...

(the bird is a Clark's Nutcracker, a western North American species - source S.Gawn) [enlarge]
Greedy Birds, Part II
More human handout seekers....These birds are Brown-headed cowbirds, and are a wide-ranging North American species. (source S.Grawn) [enlarge]
Mount Athabasca
This is the lower half of Mount Athabasca, the peak that my fiend Markus and I climbed last year with Yamnuska. You can read about that trip by clicking here. [enlarge]
The Athabasca Glacier
This is the Athabasca Glacier, at this point during the year completely covered in snow all the way down to its snout. Lorraine and I decided that the weather was good enough for the short hike to the snout of the glacier. (the road to it was closed so the distance was about 1.5km one way) [enlarge]
Glacier warning sign
Glacial Retreat Marker
This marker shows where the toe of the glacier was in 1992. Now, ten years later, it is a little ways over the rise in the background (I'd say about 100 to 150 metres further back). [enlarge]
Glacial Striations
Glacial striations in bedrock near the toe of the Athabasca Glacier. [enlarge]
Buried phone....
I wonder how this phone survives the winter here.... [enlarge]
Weeping Wall
Avalanche debris
This is a picture of the debris from an Avalanche. I took this picture because the debris had come pretty close to the road. [enlarge]
Return Day
Guess what greeted us outside the door on Wednesday morning.... you got it - a snowstorm. I am most thankful that this didn't happen on the cycle ride - it would have been disastrous. As it was, the roads were so bad that we ended up missing our plane.... but we eventually got home safely. [enlarge]
I'd like to thank everyone at the EVCC for a great ride, and I'd like to thank Lorraine for faithfully sticking with me when I was huffing and puffing up some of those hills - you could have easily motored away. And, also I'd like to thank Nancy and John for being great cycling companions. In a way, I'm glad you got your flat tires! Hopefully we'll get a chance to ride again next year!
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