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Day 2 - Radium to Golden
Day 2 dawns wet and soggy. It has rained off and on during the night, and lots of low clouds are scudding around. Here Nancy puts away her wet camping gear. Fortunately, todays ride is mostly flat - no massive hills. [enlarge]
Remnants of tent city
The last few cyclist-campers are packing up their gear. The weather has lifted a little but is still pretty dreary. [enlarge]
Day 2 Elevation Profile
This graphic is a GPS-data derived representation of the elevation profile of the second day of the ride. As you can see, it is mostly flat, although there are still a lot of small ups and downs. [enlarge]
Scenic Rocky Mountains Shack
Although I know that I have to cut down on pictures in order to make reasonable time, I just have to stop for this extremely scenic overlay of an old shack against mist-shrouded mountains in the background. [enlarge]
Day 2 - Morning Snack Stop
As we approach the morning's snack, we notice that the weather is lifting - even some blue sky is visible. And, it is not raining any more. Fingers and toes are crossed.... [enlarge]
Day 2 - Morning Snack Stop
Lorraine approaches the Morning Snack Stop. [enlarge]
Columbia River and Purcells
This is a shot taken from Highway 95 looking across the Columbia River to the Purcell Mountains. The weather continued to improve - it was actually getting warm! [enlarge]
Highway 95
This shot shows how Highway 95 curves along in the columbia river's valley. The Kootenay range is visible in the background. [enlarge]
Official EVCC Photographer
This is Don Hollingshead, who acted as the official photographer of this year's ride. He took lots of pictures of us, so I thought I would take a picture of him. His brother Brian is to his left, and Debbie Iversen to the right. [enlarge]
Golden, BC
This is a view down one of the main streets of Golden, BC. A decently-sized town, with a big dependancy on the railway. A main rail line from Vancouver to Calgary comes through this down on its way up to the Kicking Horse Pass. [enlarge]
An impossible task
Robin, another cyclist we met, tries to get this huge air mattress into a not-so-huge tent. Although it looks like it won't fit in this picture, it eventually does. [enlarge]
Golden Campground
The Golden Campground is in a scenic spot alongside the Kicking Horse River. On the other side of the river from the campground is the main CP rail line. And it is a busy rail line, so we expect lots of noise during the night. [enlarge]
Lorraine and Andrew
Note the goofy attempt at a smile on my face.... still, it has been said that I don't smile enough, so I guess it is better than nothing... [enlarge]
CP train
Here's a shot of a CP train hauling empty car-carriers. They are used to transport (mostly Japanese) cars from Vancouver to the rest of Canada. In fact, I'm pretty sure that my car came through this very spot on one of these trains. neat. Also of note is the large cliff of unconsolidated glacial and glacio-fluvial sediment in the background. [enlarge]
Golden, Lorraine
Lorraine gives the camera a very nice smile. However, don't be fooled - Lorraine is on a mission to locate a Dairy Queen - at all costs. We eventually walk many many kilometres until we find the DQ - and then it is so late that we have to take a taxi back to the campground. [enlarge]
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