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This route traverses a broad, curved crest called Nun-da-ga-o Ridge (sometimes called 'Nundago Ridge'). It is a lightly frequented scenic alternative to the 'big trails' in the Adirondacks. The very nice loop trail is about 10 km and offers a wide variety of terrain and views.
Nun-Da-Ga-O Ridge
Gilbert and Sharon
A view of the High Peaks
Pitchoff Ridge
Lookout pose
Hi there
Strange pine cones
Closeup of same
Gilbert's Pack climbs
Lookout along the ridge
Gilbert, Sharon, Andree
Gilbert contemplates...
Contemplates what?....
Railroad Diorama Material
New MEC shades
Lots o' cairns
Cairn and high peaks
Lots o' pretty cairns
Jay range
Gilbert, Andree, Sharon
Lookout along ridge
Section of Ridge trail
Nun-Da-Ga-O ridge
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