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This image gallery documents a May 2000 trip to the Desert Southwest with myself, Lorraine, Luke, Sophie, Dave, and Christine. Among the highlights : a stiflingly hot and short backpack in the Grand Canyon, some mountain biking near Moab Utah, and a long but satisfying traverse hike through the infamous "subway" in Zion National Park.
Las Vegas at Night
Old Treasure Island
Valley of Fire State Park
Delicious Twisty
Visitin' Chloride
The rim
Hermit's Rest
Blooming Desert
Luke and Sophie
Warning Sign
Canyon Panorama
Along the hermit trail
Hiking Back up
Breezy Point
Made it back out
Relaxing at Motel 6
Historic Ruins
Wupatki Ruins
Wupatki Ruins
Monument Valley
Monument Valley
Monument Valley
Recreating Forrest Gump
Devil's Garden
Sophie's trail ridin'
Dave and Slickrock
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