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Another view
Another view of the dike from across Avalanche Lake. [enlarge]
Snack Break
The group has a snack break on the shores of Avalanche Lake. [enlarge]
Interesting Tree
Vanessa and ? examine a resourceful tree growing out of a cliff face next to one of the Hitch-up Matildas. [enlarge]
Standing on a Matilda
The group (once again minus myself) admire the view of the dike from the second Hitch-up Matilda along Avalanche Lake. [enlarge]
Entrance to the Dike
Simon makes his way up to the first scramble pitch in the dike. [enlarge]
Top of second scramble pitch
A cool scramble in a cool place. [enlarge]
Nearing the exit
This shot is taken close to where one should exit the dike and onto the open slide on the west face of Mount Colden. The weather has continued to deteriorate and now the cloud deck is down to around 3800 feet.... and we are about to climb into it. [enlarge]
Above the exit
This shot is taken not far above the exit point from the dike (which can be seen leading from the lower left to middle right). Here the rock is steep and slabby but climbable so long as you trust your boots. Note avalanche Lake far down below. [enlarge]
Socked in Summit
The summit is cool, but, alas, very foggy.... we are in the clouds the whole time on the summit. [enlarge]
"Is that so.... very interesting....."
Graham listens with rapt attention to profound statements by Cathy. [enlarge]
Bouldering, man
Graham the Boulder man boulders on a boulder (what else) on the summit of Colden. [enlarge]
The summit "block"
This shot shows the small path that leads to what is technically the highest point on Mount Colden.... a somewhat uninteresting platform of rock surrounded by scrub. [enlarge]
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