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The Trap Dike Again! 2 times in one Summer! And Mount Colden again! 3 times in one year! Must be a good peak...

For this hike I did not do any of the organizing - just tagged along with Graham's group of friends, who were mostly climbers. In fact, Simon, the organizer, had only ever climbed one mountain in the Adirondacks, and that was Colden via this route!
Adirondack Lean-to
Graham sets up sleeping quarters at an Adirondack Lean-to at the Adirondak Loj campground, the night before the hike. [enlarge]
Prep for the day
Graham fixes up his breakfast and his food for the day's hike. [enlarge]
Ursine Warning
A ranger display at the Adirondak Loj hiker parking area, warning about the dangers of improper handling of food in bear country. The area had been experiencing quite a bit of bear activity recently. [enlarge]
The troop starts hiking
A shot of the gang, sans moi, on the trail from the Loj to Marcy Dam. [enlarge]
Marcy Dam
Another in a long line of Marcy Dam shots, this time showing a cloudy but bright day and a low water level. [enlarge]
Simon Says...
Simon points out some route details to Dave. [enlarge]
The Bridge at Avalanche Jct
This is the footbridge just before reaching Avalanche Junction, where we break off towards Avalanche Pass. [enlarge]
Hurricane Floyd Slide
Some of the aftermath of the 1999 Hurricane Floyd Landslide that came down off of Colden into Avalanche Pass. [enlarge]
Hiking through debris
The group hikes through the tangled up debris left by the landslide. [enlarge]
Avalanche Lake
The route goes through Avalanche Pass and beside Avalanche Lake, a narrow, long body of water bordered on both sides by steep cliffs and large boulders. [enlarge]
One of the two hitch-up Matildas on the trail alongisde Avalanche Lake. [enlarge]
The Trap Dike
A view of the dike from across Avalanche Lake. [enlarge]
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