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Hurricane and Vermont
Another shot of Hurricane mountain, this time with the Green Mountains of Vermont visible in the distance. In particular, the highest point on the horizon is Mount Mansfield, the highest mountain in Vermont. [enlarge]
Giant Mountain
Giant looks quite favourable from the summit of Big Slide. So... I took a picture. [enlarge]
Pu and the Adirondacks
Pu poses at a lookout along the way to Big Slide's summit. Giant and a few other peaks are in the background behind him. [enlarge]
Johanna, Adirondack 1er
Johanna makes her first Adirondack 46er summit. yay! Here she is, admiring the view, with Algonquin peak looming impressively in the distance. [enlarge]
Marcy in the shade
Mount Marcy is shaded by clouds while we are on the summit of Big Slide. [enlarge]
Algonquin and Wright
A commanding view of Algonquin and Wright, as viewed from the summit of Big Slide. [enlarge]
Carmpon fixin'
Markus toils to get Johanna's crampons properly fitted. [enlarge]
Right outta the box
The Dare Cinnamon Danish cookies have made an appearance on Big Slide mountain and are ready for their photo shoot! [enlarge]
courtesy _markus
Dare Cinnamon Danish
The cookies make it to the summit of Big Slide! Good job, Cookies!
Andrew eats cookie on summit
Yes, I do actually eat the cookies, not just take pictures of them. [enlarge]
courtesy _markus
Big Slide summit
Pu, Johanna and Markus on the sunny and warm summit of Big Slide. Truly an excellent hiking day! [enlarge]
Pu rehydrates and contemplates
Pu takes in the vista on Big Slide's summit. [enlarge]
A typical exchange
A shot of Markus during one of the usual arguments he and I have. [enlarge]
Old ADK sign
a historic-looking tin ADK trail sign on the way to Yard Mountain. (we chose to descend Big Slide by taking the trail over Yard Mountain). [enlarge]
Unbroken trail to Yard
No one had been on the Yard mountain trail since the last snowfall. [enlarge]
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