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Trio on Brother 1
Ewart, Pu and Johanna bask in the glorious weather near the First Brother. [enlarge]
Mountain Shack
A somewhat fancy Mountain shack is visible on an adjacent and lower ridge to ours. No doubt a parcel of privately-owned land over there. [enlarge]
Pu on Brother 2
Pu enjoys the excellent vantage point offered on a section of the second Brother. [enlarge]
Perfect Vantage point
The second brother offers an excellent vantage point for pointing out landmarks. [enlarge]
courtesy _markus
Cute Cairn
There are a few cairns along the Brothers section... most do not seem to be stricly needed, but, they are quaint. [enlarge]
Vista to the south
A view of the second Brother (below) and a view through Keene Valley to the peaks to the south (including Vermont on the horizon). [enlarge]
Johanna on Third Brother
Johanna is obviously please to be on this Brother's trail! [enlarge]
courtesy _markus
Big Sky, Big Slide
A view of the striking weather (beautiful!) and the striking outline of Big Slide (also beautiful) from a lookout along the trail to the east of Big Slide. [enlarge]
Big Slide Mountain
Big Slide Mountain. It is the 27th highest peak in the Adirondacks. Big Slide is very striking from this angle. The trail to the top (from here, skirts the face of the slide just to the right of it). [enlarge]
Squinting into the light
A shot of myself showing that I really should be wearing my sunglasses (but I'm not cause I am lazy). [enlarge]
courtesy _markus
courtesy _markus
Getting snowier
As we ascend, the snow gets deeper and fluffier. But very, very pretty. [enlarge]
Ewart along trail
A shot taken not that far away from Big Slide. Ewart is still feeling quite under the weather. [enlarge]
courtesy _markus
Snowy Junction
This is the trail junction just shy of the summit of Big Slide. From here it is a very steep burn (but short) to the top of Big Slide. For us it is very slippery, as there is a lot of ice. Markus opts for crampons and we gingerly decide to try it without (we should have just put them on, though, and made things easier). [enlarge]
Doing the usual
A snap of me doing my usual GPS-monitoring. [enlarge]
courtesy _markus
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