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This hike was designed to introduce Johanna (Markus' sister) to the beauty of the Adirondacks. We chose the hike over the Brothers to Big Slide, which offers much: multiple viewpoints and open areas on the Brothers; an excellent vantage point from which to view the heart of the High Peaks region, and a loop route rather than a there-and-back route.

As part of the loop, we decided to traverse over little-travelled Yard Mountain.
Early morning in the Adirondacks
Striking early morning light on Street and Nye mountains. Taken on our way to the trailhead for our Big Slide Mountain hike. [enlarge]
Big Slide Mountain
Big Slide Mountain is the 27th highest peak in the Adirondacks. It has an asymmetric profile when viewed from the east or west with a very steep and impressive smooth bare rock south face. The trail on the east side ascends just to the right of the smooth face, and is therefore very steep. Big Slide is ideally positioned for providing perfect views of the entire Great Range. Marcy, Colden, and the MacIntyres, although a bit farther away, are still very prominent from Big Slide's summit. [enlarge]
Getting ready at the Garden
Markus preps for the day's hike. [enlarge]
Winter is coming!
The Adirondacks have received some snowy November weather recently. Taken along the trail up to the Brothers. [enlarge]
Just a Markus shot. Nothing much else to say. [enlarge]
Nearing the open areas
Johanna and Markus pause not long before we get to the start of the lookouts on the way to the Brothers. [enlarge]
A peek at the peaks
As we emerge from the trees, we start to get fabulous views up Johns Brook Valley. [enlarge]
Nearing First Brother
Johanna on a section of trail just below the First Brother. The Brothers are three bald outcroppings of rock along a ridge that eventually leads to Big Slide. Hiking over the Brothers is VERY scenic. [enlarge]
More pre-Brothers trail
The trail is wonderful, winding around and up and over rock steps. [enlarge]
Upper Great Range
In this photo, several prominent Great Range Peaks are visible, including (from left to right) Basin, Saddleback and Gothics. [enlarge]
Ewart on a Brother
Ewart chugs up the First Brother on a fine day. Giant Mountain in the background. Ewart is not feeling so well today, and is off his pace. [enlarge]
Hurricane Mountain
A closeup of Hurricane mountain: an excellent sub-4000 footer peak in the Adirondacks. Fully bald summit and an old fire tower, which you can see in this photo. [enlarge]
Basin Mountain
Basin mountain, one of the higher mountains in the Great Range, Looks very pointy and impressive from this angle. [enlarge]
Pu surveys a scramble
Pu has a look at a cliff that we must scramble around. [enlarge]
Andrew scrambling
A shot of me scrambling up to the First Brother. [enlarge]
courtesy _markus
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