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Saturday night's camp scene was much more relaxed and comfortable than had been the previous night's, mainly owing to the fact that it was warmer and not raining. In fact, the evening sun poked through and generated a few shadows every so often. The expected ritual of wood gathering and camp firing was soon begun, and in short order a robust fire was burning in the large round stone-sided firepit.
Post-hike lazing
Post-hike lazing
The ever-present fire
Working on camp skills
Monitoring the fire
Relaxing at camp
Kid fun
Dave, Arn and Gosia
Camp stuff
Soon preparations for dinner were begun, and again Gosia had planned some great fare: an appetizer of Pita & Roasted Red Pepper Dip, followed by ziti pasta in a Greek style (pasta, feta, cherry tomatoes, and parsley).
Arn, master pasta cooker
Dinner prep
Pasta primavera
courtesy AHyndman
Kid-tended fire
Kid-tended fire
Comparing photo notes
Everything was going swimmingly until the plastic zip-lock bag that Gosia was using to mix the pasta with the sauce burst. In an instant, half of dinner was strewn over the pine-needle covered ground. A very apologetic Gosia very graciously made her own bowl of pasta entirely from the fallen food, carefully picking out cherry tomatoes, chunks of feta, and slippery bits of pasta out of the pine needles. I helped here as well, filling at least half of my bowl with pickings from the ground.
Reaping what one sows
Seconds go to Dave
Cozy nighttime fire
Despite being fortified by the garnishings of the woods, dinner was still quite enjoyable.

Night fell shortly after finishing dinner, and with no wet weather pushing us towards the tents, we spent a couple of hours around the warm campfire. I got out my camera and we played a little with photographic light painting (a favorite of mine whenever I have my tripod along).
courtesy AHyndman
Prepping for light painting
Arn's first try
Multi-color, multi-person
Gosia's electric christmas tree
Boat on Hell water
courtesy AHyndman
Final symbols
Getting it just right
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