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Summit Shadow
Mount Skylight
Haystack Mountain
We carefully picked our way down the rock-hard steep sections of snow, then picked up speed as we wound down through the beautiful fields of artistic snow formations.
courtesy JInnes
Cauliflower Snow
Descending from Summit
Traffic Jam and Postholer
courtesy JInnes
Follow the winding track
Andy and Jenn descending
Yet Another alpine snowshoe track shot
Below you'll find a video clip giving you an additional sense of our time on and near Mt Marcy's summit. Click directly on the image below to start it.

Video, Mount Marcy Climb, Summit Portion - Click on video above to start

Heading back down to treeline
Final View of Summit
Little Haystack
Due to the excellent snowshoe track (with the exception of a few posthole spots where hikers who did not choose to use snowshoes messed things up a bit), we were able to bomb down, reaching Indian Falls in only 1 hour and twenty minutes after leaving the top.
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