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Big Slide
Dix and Noonmark
A Bit of History
Autumnal Slopes
Product Placement
We spent a lot of time lounging around on the summit. It was only noon, and the hike to get up here was quite short; we had lots of time to burn, the scenery and weather was great, so what was the point in rushing?

I took out my zoom lens and spent a fair bit of time pointing it around and taking pictures of the various landmarks visible around us. Although the summit does not offer a true 360-degree view (the view to the northest is blocked by some conifers), all of the interesting directions are open: south and southwest towards Giant, southeast towards the Dixes and Noonmark, west towards the Ausable River Valley, and northwest towards the Great Range, Big Slide, and Porter. And, of course, Keene Valley directly below.
Hatko on Hopkins
Giant from Hopkins
courtesy JInnes
Andrew and big lens
Snow in Autumn
courtesy JInnes
Jenn's View
Zoom in on Autumn
Triangle of Alpine Plants
Our stay on the summit was indeed long. Almost two hours worth', in fact. Probably a record for us in terms of summit-lounging!
Resting on Hopkins
Mountaintop Dreaming
Well-attended Summit
Jenn's Mountaintop Rest Spot
Summit view, southeast
Hopkins Erratic
Time was starting its march towards 2pm by the time we decided to head down.

We took our time, savouring the pleasant walk back down along the ridge-y section of trail. Once back down at Mossy Cascade Brook, I took the opportunity to set up some more long-exposure shots of little waterfalls and cascades. And of various mushrooms and fungi, too.
Pleasant Forest Trail
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