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Final Snack Stop
Final Ledges
Down, down, down
Presently we came to the last of the ledge lookouts on the ridge, and from here we had to scramble down a bit of steep terrain. Everyone handled this well. I think the next step will be some more serious Adirondack scrambling!
Below big ledges
Birches below Ledges
Loamy trail
Below the last big ledge, the ridge became a bit more up-and-down (but mostly down), and mostly in the trees. Eventually we arrived at the spur trail to Big Crow Mountain, which is were the trail becomes "officially maintained" again. All that was left was a descent down off of the ridge to the basin below, after which the trailhead and the completion of our loop would soon follow.
Dropping off the ridge
Back at the trailhead
Dan and Jenn
We encountered the wettest and muddiest part of our hike on the way down (trail conditions had been remarkably good up to this point). Still, it wasn't too extensive. Shortly after this, the trail flattened out, and we were soon back at the trailhead. Mission Accomplished!
Dan and Rene and Andrew
Dan's Attention
Interactive Trackmap & Photo Points - Nun-da-ga-o Ridge - Double-click map to expand
Hike Data - Nun-da-ga-o Loop
Start Time: 8:40a.m.
End Time: 2:16p.m.
Duration: 5h36m
Distance: 9.91 km (6.16 mi)
Average Speed: 1.8 km/hr (1.1 mph)
Start Elevation: 2257ft (688m) *
Max Elevation: 3236ft (986m) *
Min Elevation: 2240ft (683m) *
End Elevation: 2245ft (684m) *
* : +/- 75 feet
Total Elevation Gain: 1361ft (415m) *
Total Elevation Loss: 1374ft (419m) *
* : +/- 75 feet
Elevation Graph
Elevation over Distance
Elevation over Time
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