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The day lightens a bit as we hike upwards, with an occasional shaft of sun coming through. I'm hopeful the day will clear further.

I notice that Dan has an exceptional interest in various forms of downed trees, and of tree bark. He's often poking at a fallen log or a bit of hanging birch bark with his hiking pole. This is the first time I've encountered this level of interest in wood from a hiker.
Dan and his Birch
Dan the Birch Man
Asmir on Weston Mtn
Soon we were climbing up the short but quite steep bit of trail to the summit of Weston Mountain. When doing the loop in this direction, the small lookouts on the top of Weston Mountain are the first lookouts one encounters. They are very good, with a panoramic view of the somewhat distant central High Peaks. There's also a good view down to Lost Pond, where we just were, and nearby fire tower-topped Hurricane Mountain.
Lost Pond is that-a-way
Lost Pond and Hurricane
Dan and Rene on Weston
Jenn and Lost Pond
Weston Mtn View
Hiking over Weston Mtn
After taking a breather and admiring the views from Weston Mountain, we continue on, descending down into the forest and down several hundred feet to the col between Weston Mountain and Nun-da-ga-o ridge proper. We then ascend back up to nearly the same elevation (as Weston Mountain) before starting to break out onto the many open ledges of Nun-da-ga-o ridge.
Gravelly Ridge
Mountain Lessons
A ledgy break
Marcy from afar
Hurricane Mountain
Serious Mountain Dan
From here, we climb gradually higher, always in and out of open ledges that define the Nun-da-ga-o ridge hiking experience. At times, the trail winds away from the ridge edge and into some forest, but then later returns. Although the clear skies that I've hoped for do not materialize, the clouds remain high and dry and don't interfere with our views.
Dan the Silhouette Man
Asmir at the Edge
Dan and Rene on the Ridge
Nun-da-ga-o Hiking
Through Mossy Forest
Track through the Lichens
The Nun-da-ga-o ridge trail did it's thing, winding past open ledges and through dry rock slabs covered in interesting-looking Lichens. For the most part this section is flat, although there are some minor ups and downs. Everybody seemed to be doing well and enjoying this short but diverse little hike. Except perhaps Jenn -- I think she found it a little too tame....
Lunch Break
A Steep Descent
Lichen-y hiking
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