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courtesy HPiel
Nine to Go
Mt Colden
Colden Summit Closeup
courtesy BConnell
Summit Chat
Mount Marcy
courtesy HPiel
Thick Ice Coatings
Iroquois and the Tooth
MacIntyres from Cliff
Distant Whiteface
Another Marcy View
Starting our descent
After a long lunch break and tons of picture taking (as you can see above!), it was time to head down. We re-traced our steps, modifying our route along the beaten track slightly to avoid what we perceived as the few mis-routings along it. And, even on the way down, having already seen all of the fabulous views, I couldn't stop taking yet another round of photos.

We met one group coming up as we neared flowed lands, led by a fellow named Lee. They all seemed to immediately know who Jenn and I were....!
Descent from Cliff
Descent from Cliff
Back across the little meadow
Stump and Iroquois
Excellent line
In short order we were back down at flowed lands, and quickly made our way across to the Calamity Brook trail. Brian discovered at this point that his GPS had gone missing. It had been lost somewhere between the summit and here -- too much ground to cover -- so we hoped that someone from the party we encountered would notice it. If not, the GPS had Brian's contact info in it; plus the forecast for the next few days was good, and it was likely that someone would spot it sitting on top of the hard, crusty snow.
courtesy HPiel
Back at Flowed Lands
Jenn and Brian and Colden
Marshland in Winter
Back across Flowed Lands
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